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About Us

How Alternative Health Center Began

How did a restaurant owner and a homeschooling stay-at-home mom come to own and run Alternative Health Center?

The journey of Alternative Health Center began over 30 years ago with Richard and Erlene, who owned and managed a Microwave store. They provided cooking demonstrations and sold microwave ovens to the public.

Their path took a wild turn when Erlene began developing health issues, leading her to discover Nature’s Sunshine Brand products. In loving dedication to his wife, Richard delved into iridology and muscle testing. It wasn’t long before they transformed their microwave store into a hub of health and holistic wellness.

As time passed, personal reasons prompted Richard and Erlene to pass their business onto their daughter-in-law, Korene, who became the next owner. She carried the legacy forward for about three years before unforeseen circumstances arose.

This is where Jean and Amy enter the story. Jean, the former owner of Rolling Bagels, often visited Korene at the store. Amy, a homeschooling mom and loyal customer of Alternative Health Center, also visited the store often. As Korene’s health took a turn, Korene needed help and she asked Amy for assistance. Amy agreed to step in and help with the store under one condition – her kids could join her at work.

Amy’s husband unexpectedly left shortly after she started working at Alternative Health Center. Amy felt blessed that God had provided a way for her to support herself and her children — all while continuing to homeschool them.

The story behind the legacy of Alternative Health Center reflects life’s twists and turns, showcasing how a journey can create vast opportunities and many blessings for everyone involved. Jean and Amy continue the legacy today and offer their support and guidance to all those who visit the store.

Meet Jean

Why should you choose Alternative Health Center? Here are just a few ample reasons to pay a visit: Free off-street parking, an extensive selection of high-quality products, expert guidance, and a range of items not commonly found in regular stores.

While online shopping is convenient, it often leaves customers in the dark about what they’re truly purchasing. Alternative Health Center offers the unique advantage of physically inspecting products and gaining a better understanding of what our customers are looking for.

We pride ourselves with top-notch service, and our shelves are stocked, but if you have any specific requirement, our team can place special orders for you.

Above all else, our team at Alternative Health Center is committed to finding solutions, because our aim is to guide you towards better health, so stop on in and take a look around. We look forward to meeting you!

Jean is the dedicated owner of Alternative Health Center, a long-established store with a rich history spanning over two decades. 

Having taken the reins as the owner in 2016, Jean has been deeply immersed in the world of business since the age of 19.  Her unyielding work ethic and insatiable drive for keeping busy have always been a defining aspect of her life. However, Jean also harbors a profound commitment to her health, understanding the pivotal role it plays in one’s well-being. It is this very conviction that led her to embark on a journey towards owning an herb store, with the aspiration of not only enriching her own path to health but also extending a helping hand to others along the way.

In her pursuit of this noble endeavor, Jean is ably supported by Amy, her dedicated full-time employee, who brings a wealth of experience from her long-standing association with Alternative Health Center.

At the heart of Jean’s mission lies the noble goal of not only enhancing the lives of her family and friends but also the wider community. Armed with a wealth of knowledge about herbs and holistic well-being, Jean firmly believes in the transformative power of good health. She recognizes that, in the face of modern-day challenges such as environmental stresses and the demands of daily life, maintaining good health can make a world of difference!

In the welcoming ambiance of Alternative Health Center, every visitor is greeted with a warm smile. Our team is ready to listen, understand, and address your health concerns. 

Among the array of exceptional products, Nature’s Sunshine Probiotics holds a special place in Jean’s heart. Having personally experienced their remarkable benefits, Jean is passionate about sharing the potential for improved health through these probiotics. She is always eager to engage in conversations, sharing her own experiences and those of others.

Another source of great excitement for Jean is the Zyto Balance, a cutting-edge bioscan technology that can help identify various ailments. This invaluable service is available for our customers free of charge. 

At the core of Alternative Health Center’s ethos lie two fundamental values: Honesty and Integrity. Jean and her team are committed to finding solutions towards better health, using a wholistic approach. 

Meet Amy

In the colorful tapestry of Alternative Health Center’s journey, Amy’s story unfolds as a testament to the power of dedication, continuous learning, and an unwavering commitment to fostering well-being.

Almost a decade ago, Amy embarked on her path, driven by a deep-seated desire to support individuals in their quest for a healthier, more vibrant life. Her relentless pursuit of knowledge and understanding of alternative health solutions has made her a cornerstone of the Alternative Health Center team.

Amy’s story, like the rich tapestry of this store, is woven with the threads of genuine care, compassion, and a boundless dedication to helping others. Her relentless thirst for knowledge has taken her on a journey marked by endless hours of study, research, and commitment to continuous improvement. 

Amy understands that health is a lifelong voyage, and her commitment to lifelong learning exemplifies this.

At the heart of Amy’s mission lies the awareness that every person is unique, and everyone’s path to finding wholeness, optimum health and a sense well-being is unique to every individual. Whether you walk through the doors of Alternative Health Center with a specific health concern or if you are simply seeking advice, Amy is here to answer any questions and offer her recommendations tailored to your individual needs.

What sets Amy apart is not just her extensive knowledge; it’s her genuine empathy. She understands that health challenges can be complex and deeply personal. By listening, empathizing, and sharing her wisdom, Amy creates a nurturing space for customers to embark on their healing journeys. 

In reflecting on her own path and the lives she touches, Amy believes in the transformative power of companionship, shared stories, and mutual growth. She embodies the spirit of Alternative Health Center, a place where individuals are not merely customers but treasured companions on a collective journey toward well-being.

Amy’s story, much like the store she proudly serves, is a testament to the enduring belief that health is not just a destination but a continuous, vibrant journey. Her dedication to your health, her passion for lifelong learning, and her nurturing spirit are at the heart of the Alternative Health Center experience. When you step into our store, Amy’s unwavering commitment is here to guide you towards a healthier, happier life.

Meet Missey
(The Greeter)